Drew Marine: Coronavirus Information Center

We live in a globally interconnected world, and Drew Marine is essential to international commerce. With the evolving Coronavirus emergency, Drew Marine continues to update policies affecting employee procedures and logistics for servicing our global business partners. The health and safety of our people and our colleagues is our highest priority. The information below provides a central location for the latest news on Drew Marine’s public notification.


Several emails/letters have already been distributed to our customers, which you will find below. 

Coronavirus Precautions Communications (PDF)

Marine Products to Combat CV-19 (PDF)

 CEO says Thank You to Front Line Employees (PDF)

Current Office Updates

ALL EMPLOYEES have been asked to practice Social Distancing, and Work Remotely when available.  Those visiting offices have been asked to practice diligent hygiene and coordinate facility work to prevent virus spread.

As the global shipping industry is deemed an essential service, certain employees will continue to come into offices as necessary as their functions cannot be easily performed remotely.

A Message to Our Customers

A message about COVID-19 from Drew Marine's President and CEO, Frank Monteiro.

Contact Information

Drew Marine Global Coronavirus Task Force: CV19@drew-marine.com


World Health Organization 

The USA Centers for Disease Control  

Your Drew Marine Business Representatives 

Employee Information:

Please log in to the DrewPoint intranet for more specific policy information.

The information on this page was updated at 18:00 EDT on Friday, 13 March 2020.