At The Helm of A Better Future

At Drew Marine, we never forget that success is driven by an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. We are committed to attracting and retaining the world’s greatest talent; building diverse, inclusive teams and being the kind of workplace where work aligns with passion.

Driven to Make A Difference

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As a global leader in providing technical solutions and services to the markets we serve, Drew Marine knows that attracting and retaining top talent is critical to our growth, both in the short- and long-term. At Drew Marine, we strive to ensure our workplace is inclusive, diverse and values the contribution of each and every individual.

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Drew Marine is committed to delivering a more human and sustainable business process. Our business partners and colleagues trust us to act ethically, responsibly and to meet the highest standards when it comes to conducting business. We believe that our vision for corporate social responsibility will attract, engage and retain top talent; bolster continued business performance and conserve environmental resources for our company and our clients. Sustainability programs include: IMO 2020 and CREW CARE, while certifications include the ISO 14001 Certification for the Manufacture of Chemicals for Marine and Industrial Applications in our Singapore plant.

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Volunteer Services

Drew Marine believes our business is only as strong as the communities in which we operate and serve. From contributing time, skills and funds to organizations that do good work to unlocking the potential of people by investing in education, we encourage and enable these contributions to make the communities where we live and work stronger.

If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in reaching out to us, please follow the link below. You will be asked to fill out the form and return it to It will be reviewed by our Charitable Committee to make sure it aligns with our goals. Following that, you will hear back from a member of our team.

Charity Funding Application

Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Principles

Drew Marine is committed to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the global communities where we operate. The unconditional commitment from all employees makes it possible to achieve and sustain the ultimate goal of zero safety and environmental incidents. The following EH&S Principles are the centerpiece of the EH&S management system, policies and practices that support that goal. 


  1. Management fosters a proactive culture of safety excellence where all employees are personally accountable for their own, and collectively responsible for each other’s safety. 
  2. All occupational injuries, illnesses and environmental mishaps can be prevented. 
  3. Comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety law and regulations, and where laws and regulations do not provide adequate controls, we will adopt higher standards to protect human health and the environment. 
  4. In meeting goals for quality, cost and schedule, safety will not be compromised. 
  5. Advocate for the adoption of prudent environmental, health and safety principles and practices by our contractors, vendors and suppliers. 
  6. Strive for continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety management systems and in the environmental quality of our products, processes and services. 
  7. Design, manage and operate our facilities to maximize safety, promote energy efficiency and protect the environment. 
  8. Regularly conduct safety and environmental audits, mishaps investigated immediately and deficiencies corrected promptly. 
  9. Sustain a world-class environmental, health and safety performance by consistently measuring and monitoring ongoing performance results and through periodic management reviews.
  10. Training, communications and accountability of environmental, health and safety policies and programs are essential to achieving and sustaining zero-incident performance. 

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