Drew Marine Announces New Product Segment; Names Manager

December 18, 2020

Alexandros.jpgNaugatuck, Connecticut – Drew Marine, a global leader in maritime solutions, has announced that it will launch a new “Cargo Hold Solution” product segment adding this important segment to its portfolio. Drew Marine also announced that Alexandros Strigkos has been named as the Global Market Manager of the product segment.
With its recent acquisition of CHEMO Hellas, a Greece-based company, Drew Marine added a number of successful products. One such notable product is their highly regarded cargo hold cleaning chemistry and related equipment.  Drew Marine will utilize these capabilities by expanding its services and launching this new product segment.
Strigkos had long been an important part of CHEMO’s cargo hold business.  He has expertise in the technology, market trends, customer networks, and value propositions supporting this product group.  Recognizing this, Drew Marine has appointed Strigkos as Global Market Manager of Cargo Hold Solutions. Strigkos will join our other Global Market Managers, Albert Leyson (Fuel Management Solutions), John Kalafatides (Lubricant Solutions), Lawrence Teo (Welding and Refrigerant Solutions), and Cynthia Lakis (Water Treatment & Maintenance Solutions).
Strigkos’ team will continue to include Thanos Panagiotopoulos – Chemical Engineering, and Vagelis Pavlopoulos – Applications Engineering.  This team will work closely with the R&D and Applications staff at Drew Marine’s Global Innovation and Manufacturing Center in Waterbury, CT, USA.