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Drew Marine has been leading the maritime industry in innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to unique problems for almost a century. As a recognized leader in providing technical solutions worldwide, Drew Marine is able to apply these to the Oil & Gas Industry. We are ready to take on our business partners’ challenges and seek to stand apart from the competition. 

Our Businesses

Drew Marine's extensive knowledge and experience are unmatched in the maritime industry and beyond. Our Account Executives know shipboard systems and understand how our products are used to treat those systems. Our service engineers are often called upon to solve the most difficult technical problems and deliver unrivaled customer service. Drew Marine’s global network offers a broad array of onboard and shoreside technical support to the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries.

Large container ship moving through the water carrying cargo.


Drew Marine employs account executives and technical service professionals who have served as officers on the ships they now dutifully support. Our team is committed to providing only the best, most innovative technical solutions to all of our business partners in the maritime industry.

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Oil and gas rig on the ocean.

Oil & Gas

Drew Marine offers a range of high-quality chemicals and efficient products for oilfield applications to help service companies meet changing needs within the oilfield industry worldwide. Our chemical expertise and innovation potential enables you to accelerate your success.

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