Drew Marine’s superior penetrant products attack corrosion, rust and other deposits to simplify repairs and keep your vessel’s equipment working efficiently.


Authorized Global Distributor for Kroil Penetrant

Drew Marine and Kroil Penetrant have partnered to globally distribute Kroil’s professional-grade penetrant products. Vessel operators will now have greater access to the penetrants they need, wherever they are.

Kroil removes and prevents rust, cleans and lubricates, and displaces moisture, quickly loosening rusted nuts and bolts, freeing frozen shafts, pulleys, and more. Kroil’s ability to penetrate the smallest openings, threads and crevices removes and prevents rust in the tightest of spaces.


  • Attacks corrosion
  • Removes rust and carbon deposits
  • Penetrates faster and deeper
  • Simplifies repairs

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Backed by more than 80 years of onboard service, Drew Marine’s team of expert service engineers provides around-the-clock technical support at your vessels’ ports of call around the globe. Each maintenance program delivers superior, consistently-formulated products available on a global level, together with onboard technical support and application expertise — all while remaining cost-effective.


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