Specialty Lubricants

Besides the main engine and diesel generators, ships have various systems onboard which require lubricants such as air compressors, hydraulic systems, turbochargers, etc. as indicated on the vessel’s lube charts. Selecting the correct lubricants for each application on board is critical and is part of a good maintenance program.

Drew Marine support operators make the correct selection(s) and can even provide on-board testing kits or even service engineer visits should there be a need. 


Authorized Global Distributor for ExxonMobil

Drew Marine and ExxonMobil Marine Lubricants have signed an agreement to utilize Drew Marine’s expertise and workforce to enhance the availability of ExxonMobil’s range of high performance marine lubricants. Drew Marine’s global supply chain will help ensure the availability of Flagship grades, including Mobil SHC™ Aware™ range, to international vessel operators. These operators will now have greater access to the lubricants they need—when and where they need them.

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Protect Your Assets with Cost-Effective Maintenance Programs

Backed by more than 80 years of onboard service, Drew Marine’s team of expert service engineers provides around-the-clock technical support at your vessels’ ports of call around the globe. Each maintenance program delivers superior, consistently-formulated products available on a global level, together with onboard technical support and application expertise — all while remaining cost-effective.


On Board & Off Shore Testing

Fuel and lubricating oils come in direct contact with your assets, and contaminated oils can lead to irreparable damage. That's why Drew Marine offers cost-effective continuous-drip line samplers and lube oil test kits for onboard testing and fast analysis. Learn more about these testing solutions. 

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Specialty Lubricant Products


Drew Marine is a proud authorized global distributor for ExxonMobil and is proud to extend reliable delivery of high-performance marine lubricants to international vessel operators. 



Gear Oils

Gear systems must be cooled, lubricated, and protected by high-quality gear oils. Those same oils also flush away particles from the contact areas that can cause damage or excessive noise. These oils must also protect from high pressures and extreme temperatures to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Gear oils have a duty to protect from elemental damage as well, like corrosion.

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Compressor Oils

Drew Marine’s compressor oils provide excellent wear protection for all types of compressors, whether screw type or vane air, as well as reciprocating air compressors.

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Refrigeration Oils

Our refrigeration oils are designed to perform in extreme temperature environments with low miscibility of the refrigerant. They are formulated to work with a variety of refrigerants and have outstanding thermal stability, as well as excellent deposit control.

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Engine Oils

Although on ships there is not a large requirement for these types of oils on-board, given that in most cases these oils are used in the engines of life boats, one should select a high quality product.

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Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs)

Drew Marine is dedicated to bringing you the highest-performing, environmentally acceptable lubricants available on the market. These lubricants meet standards for biodegradability, toxicity, and bioaccumulation potential, which minimize adverse consequences in the aquatic environment. • Hydraulic Oils • Stern Tube Oils • Gear Oils • Greases

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SEA-MATE Greases

Our SEA-MATE range of maritime greases use a color-coded program to ensure the right grease is used for the right application, be it in the engine room or on the deck.

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Specialty Lubricants from Drew Marine are backed by the latest in technology and programs to keep your equipment operating efficiently. Our worldwide support team of experts is here for any questions regarding services, programs or products. Get in touch with a representative today.

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