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Saving Energy And Reducing Maintenance Costs – Important Now More Than Ever

The impact of reduced freight rates in marine transportation combined with increased fuel costs has put tremendous pressure on ship owners and operators to seek opportunities to reduce costs. At the same time, environmental and regulatory pressures have increased the need to reduce energy consumption.

Properly applied water treatment technology and expertise from Drew Marine can prevent energy losses and save on costly repairs. For example, even a small amount of calcium carbonate scale wastes energy. One millimeter of scale can add 7.5% to energy costs with 3 millimeters costing up to 25% in lost energy in marine boilers. Deposits of corrosion by-products, biofilms, and oil contamination can lead to equal or greater energy losses in marine equipment.

Maintenance expenditures are also greatly impacted by corrosion and deposits. Corrosion can occur rapidly in boilers due to the presence of oxygen creating localized pits that literally “drill” holes through the metals. Scale formation and the redeposition of corrosion by-products can lead to localized overheating of metals, under deposit corrosion, and flow restrictions in fouled boilers or cooling systems. Overheated metals corrode at higher rates, loose strength and deform, potentially leading to a complete loss of service from equipment, or costly repairs.

Fortunately, these problems are avoidable with properly applied water treatment programs. If you would like to learn more about water treatment and its role in energy savings and maintenance reduction, contact Drew Marine for more information at info@drew-marine.com.