Biological Water Treatments

    Offering a range of solutions for controlling bacteria, fungi, and algae in industrial marine water systems.

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    Preserve System Efficiency

    Keep your seawater cooling systems free from microbiological and macrobiological growth. Maintain the cooling capacity of your high efficiency systems with our specialized treatments.

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    Eliminate Contamination Risks

    Treat and prevent the growth of micro-organisms and macro-organisms that cause corrosion, heat transfer reduction, and pipe blockages. Our treatments help you avoid mechanical stress and oil breakdown caused by high engine temperatures.

    Featured Products

    Explore our diverse range of products designed for efficient biological water treatment.

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    Keep your seawater cooling systems free from marine fouling.

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    Controls bacteria and penetrates the surface of adherent biofilms for effective treatment of closed loop recirculating cooling water systems.

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    Benefits of Our Products

    Discover how our innovative solutions can improve the health and efficiency of your water systems.

    Enhance Heat Transfer

    Our treatments help maintain optimum engine temperatures and prevent mechanical stress and oil breakdown.

    Control Bacteria Growth

    With broad spectrum efficacy, our products kill free-floating bacteria and penetrate biofilms, preventing corrosion and blockages.

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