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    Over 30 years of providing safe, reliable, and customized welding solutions for the maritime industry.

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    GMAW(MIG Overhad)

    Your One-Stop Shop for Welding and Cutting Gas Solutions

    Drew Marine specializes in welding and cutting gas solutions for a variety of shipboard applications. Compressed gas cylinders, reduction and safety equipment, as well as all associated accessories provide for performance optimization.


    Committed to Your Safety

    Our welding products are designed to operate safely under the harshest shipboard conditions. From flashback arrestors to backfire valves, our accessories ensure maximum safety alongside peak performance.

    Drew Marine gases are under strict quality control through qualified compressed gas fillers and all cylinders are manufactured to international standards.

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    Find the right gas and equipment solutions for your welding and cutting needs.

    Nitrogen Gas

    Ideal for purging tanks and blanketing cargo.

    Argon Gas

    For applications in both Tig and Mig, we have global availability of inert and mixed gases.

    Argon-CO2 Mixtures

    Suitable for MIG welding of unalloyed and low-alloyed carbon steels.

    Oxy-Acetylene Gases

    Gas welding and cutting is a routine 

    Inert Gas Regulators

    Regulators designed for maximum performance in various applications.

    AMEROX Residual Valve

    Improves safety in the marine industry by requiring no special adapters or procedures.

    Blue Gas Cylinders

    Safety Measures for Cylinder Use

    Cylinders are potentially hazardous and should be stored with adequate ventilation.  

    Cylinder Safety Smart Chart

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