Ultimate Refrigeration Solutions

    Achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability in refrigeration with our cutting-edge products.

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    Quality Assurance in Refrigerant Recovery

    In compliance with the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, our refrigerant recovery machines provide safe and efficient recovery, meeting global environmental regulations.

    Comprehensive Marine Refrigeration Solutions

    From leak detectors to compressor oils, we provide end-to-end solutions for the marine industry.

    Stay Ahead with AMERFROST Leak Detectors

    Our AMERFROST Electronic Leak Detectors offer advanced technology to detect even the smallest refrigerant leaks, ensuring your systems run efficiently and meet environmental standards.

    Manifold Systems: Versatility Meets Precision

    Designed for service technicians, our manifold systems offer easy-to-read gauges and rugged construction for reliable pressure checks and refrigerant management.

    Refrigerant Recovery

    Equipment and accessories with global availability to meet all recovery operations.

    Trusted Products

    Our products are engineered to the highest standards to serve your refrigeration needs effectively.

    Charging Scale

    Precise and fast-response measurements.

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    Vacuum Pump

    Achieve ultimate vacuum ratings as low as 10 microns.

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    Stay Cool with Quality

    Dive deeper into our refrigeration offerings and ensure optimal performance for your systems.

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