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    Choose our Combustion Improvers for your next SEEMP measure to increase your engine’s fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and carbon intensity.

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    What Are Combustion Improvers?

    Combustion Improvers enhance the efficiency of fuel combustion in engines. They are formulated to optimize fuel injection and atomization, improve ignition and combustion, reduce particulate matter emissions and increase fuel economy.

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    Fuel Additive Treatment Guide

    The ultimate guide for selecting the most appropriate fuel additive based on symptoms experienced or test results.

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    Combustion Improvers You Can Count On

    Depending on your fuel and its composition, Drew Marine offers three key Combustion Improvers which can be used as part of your next SEEMP measure or initiative to reduce CII.


    Formulated for treating HSHFO marine residual fuel grades, this organometallic combustion improver inhibits corrosion, promotes complete combustion, and reduces carbon deposits.

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    AMERGY 1000

    Optimize your fuel combustion and reduce emissions with AMERGY 1000.

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    Designed for use with VLSFO and ULSFO marine fuel grades, this multifunctional additive cleans and restores injection equipment for optimum performance, earlier ignition and ...

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    Diesel Performance Analyzer

    Ready to measure the difference in performance after using our Combustion Improvers? We offer easy and accurate monitoring equipment for cylinder load ...

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    Need help in deciding which Combustion Improver is right for your next SEEMP measure or initiative to reduce CII?

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