We know that today’s global organizations in all industries, public and private, have a vital role to play — both in terms of the economic landscape of the business community and the responsibility to address critical issues facing society, to include the crucial supply chain. As such, Drew Marine is committed to embarking on a journey to elevate, amplify, and accelerate what we have already been doing with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) space to further formalize it. We recognize that there is a fast-paced transformation of global business across many industry sectors and with our stakeholders. ESG is evolving to be a key strategic imperative at Drew Marine. If you have questions about our goals or our journey, please reach out to ESG@drew-marine.com.

Embracing Our Role

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Drew Marine is ISO 14001 certified with Environmental Management Systems in place across multiple locations. Our goal has always been crew safety. For this reason, we have strived to create options that are safe for the crew and, in turn, safe for the environment.

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Drew Marine's commitment to a healthy culture in the workplace is supported by our many internal initiatives. These include having a Safety Committee, Wellness Committee, flexible work arrangements, community partner support, employee development, and a diverse workforce.

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ESG is a strategic imperative at Drew Marine. As a result, we have engaged a strategic advisor with more than 4 decades of ESG knowledge and expertise and formed an ESG committee to move ahead of the industry on compliance, active ownership, and goals.

Protocols & Certifications

ESG initiatives are not new to Drew Marine, rather, they are evolving to become committed and aligned with the industry.


ISO 9001


ISO 14001


NSF Certifications

Associations & Organizations

Drew Marine is associated with a number of programs which already do their part. 

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EPA's VIDA Protocols

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Green Marine

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