Marine Cooling Solutions

    Enhancing the performance and lifespan of your vessels’ cooling systems.

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    Customized Chemical Treatment Programs

    Each cooling water system has unique challenges and demands. Our customized chemical treatment programs are designed specifically to address these requirements and optimize the performance and lifespan of your cooling system. Backed by our team of technical experts, we provide ongoing support to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency while complying with environmental regulations.


    Monitoring and Control for Maximum Efficiency

    Drew Marine's innovative technologies help monitor and control your cooling systems so you can prevent issues before they become costly problems. We provide precise measurements and in-depth analysis to help you make informed decisions that maximize system efficiency and longevity. Our solutions ensure consistent, optimal performance while reducing maintenance needs and downtime.


    Ensuring Optimal Cooling: The Risks and Our Solutions

    Cooling water systems are crucial, yet they face challenges like corrosion, deposits, mineral scale, and microbial contamination. Without proper care, these issues can lead to decreased equipment efficiency, potential damage, and even costly unscheduled outages. Drew Marine's specialized treatment programs not only prevent these problems but also provide the backbone for effective monitoring. With our dedicated technical support, both on board and ashore, you'll have a trusted partner ensuring your cooling water systems are always at their best.

    Achieve Peak Performance with Treated Cooling Water

    Drew Marine's protection programs provide more than just products; they deliver comprehensive protection tailored to the marine environment.

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    Marine-Driven Chemistry

    Our protection programs select and combine the best solutions based on marine-appropriate chemistry.

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    Innovative Monitoring Tools

    Our unique test kits and processes empower engineers to monitor system conditions with ease and precision.

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    Global Support Network

    Benefit from our worldwide service engineers, detailed log reviews, and on-demand remote assistance.

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    Featured Cooling Water Treatments

    Explore our range of approved and trusted cooling water treatments, designed for a variety of applications.


    A nitrite-based, multi-functional corrosion inhibitor for recirculating cooling and heating water systems, approved by leading engine manufacturers.

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    Designed for medium and high-speed marine diesel engines, this nitrite-based treatment prevents corrosion and mineral scale in recirculating cooling water systems.

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    A versatile cooling water treatment for marine diesel engines, offering robust protection across all metals, with a special emphasis on aluminum in high-speed engines.

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    Proven Expertise in Cooling Water Treatment

    At Drew Marine, our solutions are built on a foundation of proven results and extensive field experience. We've empowered countless clients to enhance their cooling system performance, mitigate the risks of engine damage, and achieve superior operational efficiency.

    OEM Approval

    Our LIQUIDEWT treatment is approved or authorized by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Akasaka Diesel Limited, MAN B&W Diesel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., and others.

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    Brine Refrigeration Solution

    PERFORMAX 345M corrosion inhibitor is specifically designed for closed recirculating calcium chloride brine systems and offers effective corrosion inhibition without any toxic heavy metal components.

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