Ballast and Wastewater Treatments

    Protect local ecosystems and meet international compliance standards with our world-class ballast and wastewater treatment solutions.

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    IMO Ballast Water Management Convention Compliance

    With the Ballast Water Management Convention in effect, customers can be confident in our steadfast commitment. Drew Marine offers a comprehensive range of treatment chemicals and testing products tailored for onboard Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). Our offerings include:

    • Neutralizing Agents
    • Total Chlorine Reagent Kit for Online Residual Chlorine Monitors
    • Mud and Silt Treatment for Ballast Tanks
    • Onboard Test Kit to Monitor Performance of BWTS

    Comprehensive Wastewater Solutions

    From bilge water flocculants to sewage plant foam control agents, we provide a wide range of treatments for operational wastewater. We also offer tailored solutions such as our MUD CONDITIONER which maximizes your cargo capacity and operational efficiency by eliminating mud and silt accumulation in your ballast tanks.

    Our Top Products

    Explore our range of OEM-specified neutralizers and reagents that help you reduce active chlorine levels and monitor total chlorine levels in ballast water systems.


    A solution to remove and disperse mud and silt in ballast water tanks, enhancing your cargo capacity.

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    CHARGEPAC 47 Coagulant

    A blend of highly charged cationic organic polymers and inorganic coagulants designed for the treatment of oily water waste.

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    A foam control agent effective in controlling foam in shipboard sewage treatment systems. It is a formulated water-based silica emulsion and surface active compounds that provides effective foam ...

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