Reliable Vessel General Maintenance

    Drew Marine presents a holistic package that encompasses efficient solutions for degreasing, all-purpose cleaning, and onboard accommodation care.

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    Comprehensive Maintenance Package

    Shipboard maintenance mandates the use of versatile general-purpose cleaners across all areas, ensuring not only a secure workspace but also mitigating unplanned emergency measures. Drew Marine offers a diverse array of products tailored to specific applications and area constraints. It's essential to recognize that contaminants can be organic or inorganic, and their impact is shaped by factors such as housekeeping standards, climate conditions, temperature variations, and more.

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    Leading the way with ENVIROMATE 2000

    Revolutionize your cleaning processes with ENVIROMATE 2000, a non-flammable, water-based cleaner designed to meet the stringent requirements of the marine industry. Effective in removing mineral, animal, and fish oil residues, it is not only an excellent choice for cargo tanks but also ideal for ultrasonic cleaning applications. ENVIROMATE 2000 ensures your vessel operates at peak performance, safely, and efficiently.

    Expert Cleaning Solutions for Maritime Needs

    Dive into our collection of specialized cleaning agents, from potent degreasers to precision solvent surface cleaners, each tailored to tackle diverse challenges aboard ships. These solutions are not just effective but also versatile, ensuring each specific cleaning demand is met with utmost precision.


    Our products are compliant with IMO standards.

    Occupational Safety

    Our products are designed to be safe for regular use.


    Our products offer a consolidated solution that reduces the need for multiple chemicals onboard.

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