Exceptional Routine Equipment Cleaning

    Explore our range of advanced cleaning products for your vessel's engine room equipment.

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    Broad Spectrum Cleaning Solutions

    Our comprehensive range of products covers all your equipment cleaning needs. From ACC-9's effective penetration of accumulated deposits to CARBON REMOVER's rapid dissolution of combustion residues, we have the solutions to keep your vessel in optimal condition. Discover our diverse portfolio of products specifically designed to meet different challenges in marine equipment maintenance.

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    Engine Room Cleanliness Essentials

    In engine rooms, inevitable accumulations of grease, dirt, and oil occur on all surfaces. The buildup of carbonized oil and greases on machinery further complicates matters. For crew safety and equipment longevity, it's crucial to consistently remove these residues.

    Optimized Cleaning Solutions for Shipboard Efficiency

    Maintaining the efficiency of shipboard equipment is paramount for operations, safety, and minimizing crew labor. With contamination and fouling as prime concerns, fouling being any insoluble matter contaminating equipment, our specialized cleaning products come into play. Each product is distinctly crafted to address specific cleaning challenges.


    A patented microemulsion cleaner that effectively removes accumulated deposits and grease from air cooler parts.

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    A specially formulated blend designed to remove carbonaceous and varnish deposits from lube and fuel oil separator discs.

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    A non-chlorinated solvent crafted for efficient electrical parts cleaning, offering deep penetration and controlled evaporation.

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    Experience Superior Cleaning

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