Central Gas Installation Systems

    Revolutionizing gas management at sea with our high-grade, ISO-compliant Central Gas Installation Systems.

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    Why Choose Our CGI Systems?

    All components are carefully selected to meet marine standards and regulations, ensuring safety and effectiveness on board. Our systems offer easy connectivity and robust safety features, from high-pressure hoses to automatic shut-off valves. Whether it's for one cylinder or multiple, we've got you covered.
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    ISO-Compliant Components

    All systems come with high-pressure hoses, valves, and regulators that comply with ISO standards, including ISO 14113 and ISO 15615. Achieve peace of mind knowing your CGI system has been rigorously tested for safety and performance.

    Featured CGI Systems

    From cylinder racks to gas outlet stations, we offer a complete CGI solution tailored for marine applications.

    Single-Cylinder CGI Systems

    Perfect for small vessels, our 1-cylinder CGI systems for Acetylene and Oxygen come with or without a cylinder rack for flexibility.

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    Multi-Cylinder CGI Assemblies

    Enhance productivity with our 2 to 3 cylinder CGI assemblies, featuring unique Manyflow valve blocks and high-pressure hoses.

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    CGI Outlet Stations

    Simplify gas supply regulation with our robust, case-protected outlet stations featuring inlet ball shut-off valves and backfire valves.

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    Safety-Focused Design

    Designed with the utmost priority on safety, our Central Gas Installation Systems reduce risks associated with gas handling. Equipped with high-pressure hoses with safety wire compliant to ISO 14113 and backfire valves to comply with ISO 5175.

    Ready to Improve Your Fleet?

    Discover the advanced capabilities of our Central Gas Installation solutions and elevate the efficiency and safety of your gas handling operations.

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