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    As a part of our reliable line of compression packing products, AMERPACK 1200 is known for its high durability and longevity, contributing to reduced maintenance costs and smoother operations.

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    AMERFLON® Joint Sealant & Thread Tape

    Our Teflon products, including the AMERFLON Joint Sealant and Thread Tape, provide reliable and robust sealing solutions. They’re designed for versatile application across various shipboard contexts.

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    Dive into our collection of products designed for superior sealing performance and longevity.


    Designed for enhanced sealing performance and superior durability in shipboard applications.

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    Trusted for its high-quality sealing performance, maintaining the safe functioning of critical shipboard equipment.

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    Contact us to learn more about our high-quality, asbestos free sealing products. Our customers can rest assured that sealing products supplied by Drew Marine are non-asbestos material ensuring compliance with SOLAS regulations.

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