Complete Combustion with Deposit Modifiers

    Promote combustion of unburned carbon deposits, maintain cleaner heat transfer surfaces, and minimize the risk of stack fires with our Deposit Modifiers.

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    Cost-effective Combustion Deposit Catalysts

    Our Deposit Modifiers readily burn off the organic portion of combustion deposits on waste heat recovery transfer surfaces and boiler furnaces for easier removal.

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    Simplified Application for Maximum Results

    With low activation temperatures, the components in our Deposit Modifiers are designed for recovering heat energy and quickly restoring system efficiency.

    Deposit Modifiers Reduce Fireside Deposits and Corrosion

    Drew Marine offers three different Deposit Modifiers for maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces and preventing corrosion.


    Apply this product daily before soot blowing to restore your economizer for optimal steam generation. 

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    Conveniently packaged in half-kilogram cardboard tubes, add this product wherever you see a pile of soot in the furnace area.

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    Keep it simple with our liquid economizer soot treatment and semi-automated dosing unit.

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    Use LT-SOOT RELEASE in conjunction with our boiler manufacturer-preferred pneumatically driven dosing unit.

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    Fuel Additive Treatment Guide

    The ultimate guide for selecting the most appropriate fuel additive based on symptoms experienced or test results.

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    DREW EGT Dosing System

    Treat the economizer at predetermined rates and intervals only when the main engine is running.

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