Fresh Water Treatment Solutions

    High-quality, reliable water generation treatments for the safety and efficiency of your operations at sea.

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    Preventing Damage, Enhancing Performance

    The need for high purity water on board cannot be overstated.  For use in boilers, diesel engine jacket water, and even potable water, a reliable source of usable freshwater for critical systems on board is paramount. Protect your freshwater production equipment, preventing corrosion and red water in storage tanks and distribution pipes. Our treatments help you minimize acid cleanings and freshwater bunkers while maintaining peak performance.


    Unmatched Water Generation Solutions

    Our advanced water generation systems ensure a consistent supply of high-quality water for your treatments. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we deliver programs that are tailored to treat and test water generation systems, such as RO and evaporators, as well as potable water. Trust our programs and technical support for reliable, effective freshwater generation.

    Ensuring Water Purity with Drew Marine

    Quality makeup water is the backbone of efficient water treatment. Drew Marine champions this principle, setting the gold standard in water purity for both system performance and crew health.

    System Protection

    With pure water, we mitigate issues like scale formation, corrosion, and equipment outages - ensuring longevity in system functionality.

    Contaminant Awareness

    Onboard engineers are ever-vigilant, meticulously monitoring for potential impurities introduced with makeup water.

    Crew Health

    We understand that quality water is not only pivotal for equipment but also essential for the well-being of the onboard crew.

    Products and Treatments

    From high-capacity anti-foam products to efficient evaporator treatments, explore our leading range of fresh water treatment solutions.


    A potent combination of active polymer and antifoam to prevent scale deposition in all types of evaporators.

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    DREWCLEAN 2010

    A powerful cleaner to remove mineral scale and metal oxide deposits from RO membranes. 

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    Specifically formulated to control foam in evaporative desalination equipment and improve efficiency.

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    Proven Expertise in Water Generation

    We've spent years perfecting our water generation treatment technologies, successfully delivering systems that consistently exceed customer expectations. Our proven track record in diverse settings around the world attests to the quality and reliability of our solutions.

    Global Reach

    With customers in all corners of the globe, our water generation solutions have been tested and proven in a variety of operational contexts. We consistently deliver excellent performance, regardless of the location or conditions.

    Global Supply Network
    Innovative Technologies

    Harnessing advanced technologies, Drew Marine offers cutting-edge water generation solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.

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