Onboard Fuel and Lube Oil Condition Monitoring

    The added convenience and ability to determine key parameters from using onboard test kits enables operators to manage risk by making informed decisions and taking corrective measures without waiting for laboratory test reports.

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    Lube Analysis Program

    Cost-effective and easy to set up, discover how our prepaid lube oil analysis program can help you protect your lubricated components and oil together. Monitor your fleet’s equipment and oil condition and check for trends or anomalies from your own personalized dashboard.

    Learn more about shore-based analytical services.

    Start Your Cylinder Oil Optimization Program with Scrape Down Oil Testing

    Regular analysis of cylinder drain oil can deliver meaningful results to operators who may need to adjust cylinder oil feed rates based on neutralization effectiveness of fuel sulfur and prevention of related engine problems such as excessive inorganic deposits and cylinder liner scuffing.

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    Explore Drew XP TBN Test Kit
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    Explore Drew XP Wear Debris Analyzer
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    Explore Drew XP Wear Corrosion Tester
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    Marine Fuel Expertise

    No matter which fuel testing provider you use, former seagoing marine engineers are available 24/7 to support you technically with practical and proven solutions. Give us a try!

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    Protect Your Systems from Water Contamination

    Water is the number one contaminant in both fuels and lubes. Avoid paying for water in your bunkers and deteriorating lube condition with routine water testing. Results in minutes.

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    Protect Your Engine from Abrasive Catalyst Fines

    Prevent serious problems by monitoring your fuel for excessive cat fines in new bunkers and in the fuel system. Enable your engineers to take control of fuel quality.

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    Adjust Storage Tank Treatment with Fuel Testing

    Need to adjust the amount of fuel additive to dose after bunkering? Is the new fuel compatible with the fuel ROB? Test samples simultaneously with our leading six-cell compatibility tester.

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