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Throughout our long history, Drew Marine has been steadfastly supplying and supporting vessels in the business of transporting people.  From the ocean liners of the 20th century, that provided long-distance transportation between continents, to their evolution into today’s modern cruise industry, Drew Marine has been serving the passenger vessel segment with dedication, expertise and innovation. Like the evolution of the passenger ship industry, we have also adapted and evolved into one of the leading suppliers for onboard water and fuel treatment programs, maintenance chemicals and welding and refrigerant products.  

Additionally, through our business Trac-Ecological, we are now providing Yacht and Pleasure Boat owners with a full line of chemical and service solutions for your boat!


Solutions for Cruise Ships & Pleasure Boats

Today, Drew Marine is the chosen supplier for some of the world’s premier and largest cruise shipping companies and ferry operators. Our programs can be found and are supported on board some of the world’s largest passenger ships. We believe that ships in the hospitality business need lifetime care and persistent attention to critical systems on board. When our programs are fully implemented on board, with our continued on board support, ship operators are in the best position possible to deliver ultimate passenger hospitality and enjoyment. 


Boat owners can also now benefit from Drew's expertise when maintaining their yachts and pleasure boats. Visit Trac-Ecological, Drew's new pleasure boat business to learn more!

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