Tank cleaning for your high-stakes challenges.

Tank cleaning is a high-stakes challenge for parcel/product tanker operators. Inadequate cleaning can result in costly survey failures and delays in obtaining gas-free certificates. Resorting to carrying low-value cargo for tank cleaning purposes impacts revenue, while cross-contamination of cargoes, because tanks are not cleaned properly, can mean outright losses. Using non-approved cleaners can also lead to possible port state penalties.

IMO Approved Tank Cleaners for Cargo Tanks

    • Multipurpose Solvent-based degreaser for Cargo Tank Cleaning
    • Multipurpose Water-based degreaser for Cargo Tank Cleaning
    • Specialized formulated Alkaline cleaner for Inert Gas Soot residues.
  • EDGE
    • Removal of animal and vegetable oils, fats, white mineral oils, and inert gas stains. Suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning & compatible with zinc silicate-coated tanks at use concentration.
    • Heavy-Duty Solvent degreaser, based on coal tar solubilizers and emulsion cleaners for Cargo Tank Cleaning.
  • LAC
    • Concentrated, Multipurpose Water-based degreaser for Cargo Tank Cleaning
    • Neutral pH, Water-based, and hydrocarbon free detergent for cargo tank cleaning (vegetable and animal fats and oils, and light mineral oils)
    • Basic Formulated, HD Alkaline-based detergent for Cargo Tank Cleaning (vegetable oils, animal oils, fats, and light mineral oils)
    • Heavy-Duty, Phosphoric Acid Based cleaner for Cargo Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaners for Fuel, Deep, Double Bottom Tanks

  • TC #4 / TC SEA
    • Tank cleaners for cleaning and gas-freeing cargo tanks that have been contaminated with petroleum residues and refined mineral oils and solvents. 

About Our Cargo and Fuel Tank Maintenance Program

Our full range of alkaline-based, solvent-based, acid-based and neutral-based tank cleaners are economical and highly effective in removing animal oils, vegetable oils, greases, noxious liquid substances, scale, or mineral oils/hydrocarbons from tanks. Our IMO-approved cargo tank cleaners enable compliance with discharge standards mandated by MARPOL Annex II for noxious liquid substances carried on chemical tankers.

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