Fuel Management Solutions from Drew Marine

With ever-changing fuel quality, higher fuel costs and more stringent regulations, Drew Marine recommends a risk-based approach to fuel management. This proven solution set is based on knowing your fuel and identifying opportunities for reducing your maintenance and operating costs in handling fuel from sludge reduction and combustion enhancement to corrosion and emissions control.

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Leading Marine Fuel Management Programs

Drew Marine's comprehensive fuel management programs include products that are used in fuel delivery and storage, fuel treatment and combustion systems. The purpose of these programs are to indicate areas to improve overall fuel efficiency by the use of either equipment or additives or both. Drew Marine Fuel Management Programs include: 

  • Fuel Sampling & Onboard Testing
  • Engine Performance & Monitoring
  • Fuel & Lube Analysis Program
  • Fuel Homogenization

Specialized Fuel Management Services

Drew Marine provides program support for fuel equipment and fuel additives onboard, through the use of trained service engineers, to ensure a timely response. Combined with account representatives and regional technical centers, customized training is available year-round at your designated training facility or directly on board your vessels. 

Fuel Testing Services

Knowledge of a specific fuel's quality allows the operator to make fact-based decisions of how to best handle and treat the fuel to reduce sludge formation, optimize combustion, and mitigate the effects of any unwanted contamination. The experts at Drew Marine are able to provide the following services:

  • Onboard fuel and lube oil analysis kits with global supply of reagents to ensure standard information is available to make decisions
  • Full Laboratory Analysis available shore side, including screening for FAME, acid, and other chemical contaminations
  • Portable Diesel Performance Analyzers with available Acoustic Emission Fuel Sensor to optimize fuel injection timing, to easily balance engine load and to maximize engine efficiency for additional fuel performance

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