Fuel Management Programs: Chemical Feed Equipment

Metering systems from Drew Marine are reliable and utilize an efficient design proven for the rugged marine environment and the chemical industry worldwide making them easy to support and maintain.

Your Partner for Fluid Metering Technology

Drew Marine's unique measurement and control technology ensure that each individual chemical feed solution is specifically matched to each system’s technical requirements. Complete chemical metering solutions, ranging from simple pump and tank models to fully-automated dosing systems, are available for all performance ranges and all chemicals.

With decades of experience, Drew Marine’s technical service engineers can offer specific advisory services onsite and deliver customized technical support around the clock worldwide.

Optimum Performance by Design

We offer fluid metering technologies that have been designed for optimum performance no matter what the system. Reliable and precise metering of treatment chemicals not only saves on chemical cost but also improves the overall treated system’s reliability and decreases unplanned system maintenance and potential downtime.

  • Gravity-fed; pneumatically assisted; motor-driven, hydraulically actuated; or microprocessor-controlled, solenoid driven metering
  • Controlled measurement and dosage of liquid and dry powder treatment chemicals
  • Minimal exposure to corrosive or hazardous chemicals
  • Transfer chemicals into systems with pressures of up to 140 bar
  • Chemical tank storage capacities up to 100 liters
  • Quality spare part kit supply

Fuel Management Programs


Fuel Sampling & Onboard Testing

Fuel Sampling and Onboard testing is crucial to maintaining your onboard operating costs. Drew Marine offers a series of cost-effective fuel sampling and testing programs that will provide immediate results and indicate any problems in your fuel.

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Fuel & Lube Analysis

Fuel & Lube Analysis allows for better protection of your engine and performance optimization. Drew Marine offers cost-effective fuel and lube oil analysis programs that provide detailed results and indicate quality issues in your fuel and lube oil.

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Engine Performance & Monitoring

As an industry leader in fuel management solutions, Drew Marine offers a number of programs to help your business improve your engine’s efficiency and longevity. Learn more about Engine Performance & Monitoring solutions from the experts at Drew Marine.

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Fuel Homogenization

As homogenized fuel offers high performance with a cleaner burn and increased efficiency, it is an environmentally friendly option that helps reduce fuel costs. Drew Marine offers Fuel Homogenization programs to help your business save resources in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

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Fuel Management programs from Drew Marine are supported by a global network of expert service engineers. Our dedicated worldwide support team of experts is here for any questions regarding services, programs or our products. Get in touch with a representative today. 

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