Fuel Management Programs: Fuel Homogenization

Drew Marine offers the most reliable homogenizer available in the marine market today. Improving fuel quality and proactively preventing sludge leads to more efficient combustion, less maintenance, and lower overall costs.

Decrease Your Fleet’s Operational Costs

Behind every Drew Marine program is a suite of on-demand technical services, industry experts, and years of extensive logistical knowledge that aid you in ensuring every program and application is being implemented correctly and successfully. As a leader in the maritime industry, Drew Marine is committed to meeting your marine fuel needs and identifying opportunities for your business to reduce maintenance and lower overall operating costs. 

About Our FUEL MILL Homogenizer 

Installed upstream of the centrifuge(s), the FUEL MILL homogenizer physically blends unstable fuel and better prepares the fuel for enhanced solid and liquid separation. Harmful solid contaminants, such as abrasive catalyst fines and sediment, are more readily removed from the fuel. As a direct result, additional clean fuel is recovered from what would have been dirty fuel lost as sludge. Centrifuge maintenance reductions and decreased sludge disposal costs are also easily attainable as energy efficiency measures.

Other Fuel Management Programs

Water treatment piping systems.

Fuel & Lube Analysis

Fuel & Lube Analysis allows for better protection of your engine and performance optimization. Drew Marine offers cost-effective fuel and lube oil analysis programs that provide detailed results and indicate quality issues in your fuel and lube oil.

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Green and yellow piping systems.

Engine Performance & Monitoring

As an industry leader in fuel management solutions, Drew Marine offers a number of programs to help your business improve your engine’s efficiency and longevity. Learn more about Engine Performance & Monitoring solutions from the experts at Drew Marine.

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Fuel Sampling & Onboard Testing

Fuel Sampling and Onboard testing is crucial to maintaining your onboard operating costs. Drew Marine offers a series of cost-effective fuel sampling and testing programs that will provide immediate results and indicate any problems in your fuel.

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Chemical Feed Equipment

Drew Marine offers complete solutions for accurate metering for many chemical treatment products, ensuring each chemical feed solution is specifically matched to each system's technical requirements.

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Fuel Management programs from Drew Marine are supported by a global network of expert service engineers. Our dedicated worldwide support team of experts is here for any questions regarding services, programs or our products. Get in touch with a representative today. 

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