Maintenance Programs: Accommodations

Drew Marine’s CREW CARE Accommodation Cleaning Program is a complete product suite for the cleaning and sanitization of all areas of your vessel, producing cleaner and healthier working environments with safer, non-irritating products. Utilizing the latest technology in biobased chemistry and superior chemistry management, the CREW CARE Program delivers superior solutions that address your crew’s welfare, sanitation, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.

Protect Your Crew and Assets with Cost-Effective Maintenance Programs

As a best-in-class global maritime supplier, Drew Marine offers complete solutions for onboard maintenance. Each program delivers superior, consistently-formulated products available on a global level, together with onboard technical support and application expertise — all while remaining cost-effective.

About Our Accommodation Maintenance Program

The CREW CARE Program delivers super-concentrated, bio-based, effective and sustainable products that ensure healthy and hygienic conditions without the use of harsh chemicals.

Readily Biodegradable

Concentrated Formulas

Portion Control Packaging

Recyclable Containers (HDPE #2)

CREW CARE QL-25: Everything You Need, All in One Kit

CREW CARE QL-25 contains all of the products you need to maintain safe and clean living spaces aboard your vessel. Complete with Training Materials, General Purpose, Laundry, and Galley cleaners, your crew will have everything they need to successfully implement the CREW CARE program in your vessel's maintenance routine. 


Introducing The DrewClor Shipboard Disinfectant System


The most effective, economical and environmentaly-friendly method of sanitizing your vessel.

Found to be 99.999% effective against all microorganisms and containing zero toxic or hazardous chemicals, you can trust DrewClor to create a safer on-board environment for your crew.

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General Purpose and Laundry

Ensure healthy hygienic conditions in accordance with regulatory requirements while contributing to your crew’s overall satisfaction.


CREW CARE Surface & Glass Cleaner

ECOLOGO® Certified - Biobased, Non-toxic - Ammonia-free


CREW CARE Tough Job Cleaner

ECOLOGO® Certified - Biobased, Non-toxic - Butyl-free


CREW CARE Neutral Cleaner Disinfectant

US EPA-registered - Antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses



Provides safe, accurate, and economical chemical management - High-impact ABS plastic


CREW CARE TNW Laundry Detergent

Easy and sustainable laundry without exposure to traditional harsh chemicals - Phosphate-free - Chlorine-free - Non-toxic formula

Galley and Breakroom Cleaners

Concentrated formulas offering a complete, sustainable program for food preparation area cleaning and sanitation.


CREW CARE Pot & Pan Cleaner

ECOLOGO® certified - Bio-based, Non-toxic - Readily biodegradable


CREW CARE Dishwasher Detergent

Bio-based - Readily biodegradable


CREW CARE Stainless Steel Cleaner

Bio-based - Readily biodegradable


CREW CARE Surface Sanitizer

US EPA-registered food contact surface sanitizer


CREW CARE Oven and Grill Cleaner

Heavy-duty gel cleaner - Non-aerosol application


CREW CARE Food Handlers Hand Soap

Non-toxic formula - Closed system package for dosage control/cross-contamination prevention - No added dye/fragrance

Floor Maintenance

Environmentally preferable floor care products that set a new standard in floor care with unrivaled environmental features and superior performance chemistry.


CREW CARE Floor Finish

Develops a tough, black mark-resistant, shiny coating - Free of endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde, or phthalates - EcoLogo Certified


CREW CARE Floor Finish Enhancer

Maintains a tough, shiny coating - Free of endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde, phthalates, or alkalis - Phosphate-free - EcoLogo Certified


CREW CARE Floor Finish Remover

Concentrated formula - VOC Compliant (CARB) - Minimal impact on indoor air quality - Green Seal Certified

Hand Cleaners

Powerful formulas that care for hands while cleaning effectively. Safe enough for everyday use, yet powerful enough to remove the most stubborn of soils.



Contains non-irritating, natural exfoliants - No harsh acids/alkalies - Biodegradable


CREW CARE Foaming Hand Soap

Maintains proper crew hygiene - Super-concentrated - ECOLOGO certified


DrewClor offers an electrochemical activation (ECA) cleaning and sanitizing system which is the most effective, money saving and environmentally-friendly alternative for chemical-free cleaning on the market.

Features: 99.999% effective against all forms of microorganisms, chemical-free, non-toxic to people and animals.

Drinking Solution.jpg

Drinking Solution

Reduces plastic waste - Reduces beverage costs - Produces stable water quality - No lifting or carrying heavy water pallets

Disinfection Solution.jpg

Disinfection Solution

Non-toxic, non-hazardous and hypoallergenic - No limitation on self-production - No environmental impact - Reduces synthetic chemicals onboard - Reduces carbon footprint

Other Maintenance Programs


Cargo and Fuel Tanks

Minimize risk and help maximize revenue with cargo and fuel tank maintenance solutions. Drew Marine’s special-purpose products and expertise contribute to educated decisions that promote fast, effective tank cleaning and successful surveys while also optimizing sustainability practices.

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Cargo Holds

Drew Marine’s cargo hold maintenance program protects cargo while protecting your ship from costly damage. Our specialized products and expertise help you ensure compliance and cut down port time, cargo damage, and maintenance costs.

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Engine Room Maintenance and Cleaning

Not only does engine room cleanliness ensure smooth operations — it means everything for the safety of your crew. Drew Marine offers maintenance chemicals and products for well-kept, safer, and more efficient engine rooms.

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Drew Marine offers cost-effective programs for sustainable sanitation system maintenance, complete with biobased products that, when used routinely, can help avoid unwanted back-ups and expensive repairs.

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