Maintenance Programs: Sanitation

Drew Marine offers cost-effective programs for sustainable sanitation system maintenance, complete with biobased products that, when used routinely, can help avoid unwanted back-ups and expensive repairs.

Maintain Crew Health and Protect Your Ship’s Assets

Behind every Drew Marine program is a suite of technical support, industry experts, and years of extensive knowledge that aid you in protecting both your crew and your equipment. As a leader in the maritime industry, Drew Marine is committed to meeting your ship’s sanitation needs and identifying opportunities for your business to reduce maintenance, lessen environmental impact, and reduce overall operating costs.


Maintenance Products for Sanitation Systems

Organic Waste

To treat organic matter in sewage treatment plants, in vacuum toilet black water distribution systems, and in gray water systems:

    • A unique blend of superior surfactants and specially selected bacteria designed to clean the toilet bowl and help prevent the formation of organic pipe blockages in waste systems. Complementary to ENVIROCARE WTE and recommended for use together to maintain sewage treatment systems and piping.
    • A blend of specialized bacteria strains scientifically developed to promote the rapid breakdown and digestion of various forms of black and grey water waste, including detergents, greases, fats, oils, paper, and other organic materials commonly found in marine sanitation devices. Complementary to ENVIROCARE VTC 4000 and recommended for use together to maintain sewage treatment systems and piping.
    • ​​​​​​​A mixture of specially selected high performance bacterial strains and biodegradable surfactants formulated to degrade fats, oils, food-related greases, and general organic buildup in grease traps and graywater drain lines.

Scale Removal

To treat struvite buildup and blockages in black water lines:

  • DREWCLEAN 2010
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A 50% natural organic acid solution with a chelating agent for removing inorganic mineral scale and metal oxide deposits, this liquid solution is injected via automated dosing system into the main piping and limits crew contact.
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A fast-acting and water-soluble descaling cleaner that effectively removes toilet bowl stains and waterside deposits, including mineral scale and metal oxides, in vacuum toilet systems and piping.

Other Maintenance Programs



Keep your crew safe and healthy while remaining sustainable. Drew Marine’s CREW CARE program produces cleaner, healthier working environments with less hazardous products. Key to the program is the chemistry management system to manage the chemical dosage and usage on board via the dispensing system and instructions and simple to use color-coded and number coded products to ensure the right product is used for the right application.

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Cargo Holds

Drew Marine’s cargo hold maintenance program protects cargo while protecting your ship from costly damage. Our specialized products and expertise help you ensure compliance and cut down port time, cargo damage, and maintenance costs.

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Engine Room Maintenance and Cleaning

Not only does engine room cleanliness ensure smooth operations — it means everything for the safety of your crew. Drew Marine offers maintenance chemicals and products for well-kept, safer, and more efficient engine rooms.

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Cargo and Fuel Tanks

Minimize risk and help maximize revenue with cargo and fuel tank maintenance solutions. Drew Marine’s special-purpose products and expertise contribute to educated decisions that promote fast, effective tank cleaning and successful surveys while also optimizing sustainability practices.

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