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With increasing emphasis on protecting the environment, it is important to maintain refrigeration systems and equipment in good order. Systems that are leaking refrigerants can be costly and also harms the environment. We have gathered together a line of products to help you service and maintain your refrigeration systems, ensuring you meet regulatory, environmental and operational requirements.  

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Leading Supplier of Refrigerants

Drew Marine delivers reliable and consistent refrigerant products and services worldwide. We provide leading application support that matches industry technical requirements with economic value. Our application-based expertise guides our product selection process to ensure that Drew Marine provides the most value in the market.

The industry continues to acclimate to the changing regulatory landscape of refrigerants, and our program offers valuable services such as regulatory support, which allows a smooth transition from hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants (e.g., R404A) to other acceptable refrigerant alternatives.

  • 10,000+ cylinders, and wide selection of equipment, are available in 100+ locations worldwide
  • Full line of refrigerants available globally in returnable cylinders
  • R134a, R404A, and R407C available globally and also reclaimed refrigerant R404A and R22
  • Global service and sales networks provide consultation on board or shoreside for appropriate refrigerant and equipment selection
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Refrigeration Equipment and Products

As one of the leading suppliers of refrigeration equipment and products, Drew Marine brings application-based experience to the maritime industry. We are committed to helping you optimize your green profiles with equipment that is friendly to the environment and safe for your crew to use. Drew Marine's refrigerant products, including gasses, cylinders and equipment provide our business partners with the security of ensuring that their regulatory and operational requirements will be met. We will continue to provide top-notch application support that matches industry technical requirements with economical solutions.

Program Features & Services

  • Complete line of user-friendly tools and equipment available globally to support operational requirements
  • Technical requirements and problem-solving supported via a global service engineer network and regional technical centers

Recovery Equipment & Accessories

Drew Marine offers a complete line of refrigerant recovery equipment that delivers reliability and efficiency. Environment regulations in most countries, now made mandate the recovery of refrigerant from a system prior to beginning service work. While most marine systems contain receivers that are capable of containing the entire system charge and can be isolated from the rest of the system, it may still be necessary to have recovered equipment on board to meet current requirements. In addition to the rising costs of all refrigerants, it makes economic sense to recover as much refrigerant as possible and recycle it back into the system, in contrast to replacing the charge with a new refrigerant.


Refrigerants, Compressed Gases & Span Gases

Drew Marine offers global distribution, refilling, maintenance and cylinder exchange as part of our Compressed Gases and Span Gas program. Our gases are under strict quality control by our authorized gas filler, and all gas cylinders are manufactured according to international standards.

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