Refrigeration and Compressed Gas Solutions: Refrigerants, Compressed Gases and Span Gases

Drew Marine offers global distribution, refilling, maintenance and cylinder exchange as part of our Refrigerants and Span Gases program. Our gases are under strict quality control by our authorized gas filler, and all gas cylinders are manufactured according to international standards.


Leading Supplier of Refrigerants, Compressed Gases and Span Gases

As one of the leading suppliers of refrigerant products and services, Drew Marine provides our business partners with the security of ensuring that regulatory and operational requirements will be met. As the industry continues to acclimate to the changing regulatory landscape of refrigerants, our program offers valuable services such as regulatory support. Our application-based expertise guides our product selection process to ensure that Drew Marine provides the most value in the market.

About Our Refrigerants, Compressed Gases and Span Gases

With an increasing emphasis on protecting the environment, it is important to maintain refrigeration systems and equipment in good order. Systems that are leaking refrigerants can be costly and also harms the environment. We have gathered together a line of products to help you service and maintain your refrigeration systems, ensuring you meet regulatory, environmental and operational requirements.

Safety is our top priority. We inspect each and every cylinder to mitigate the risks associated with pressurized containers — any cylinders that fail inspection undergo refurbishment and recertification to meet our high safety standards.



Span Gases (disposable aluminum cylinder and 10L cylinder)

Certified calibration gases, or span gases from Drew Marine used for calibrating instruments and ensures that they accurately measure an atmospheric sample.


AMERFROST Accessories Items

A range of refrigerant accessories.


AMERFROST Charging Scale

This refrigeration’s charging scale is environmentally sealed and temperature compensated for reliable operation in extreme environments. It has unparalleled accuracy, precision, and reliability.


AMERFROST Dual Stage Vacuum Pump

Refrigerant vacuum pump is a 2 stage vacuum pump with exceptional ultimate vacuum rating as low as 10 microns and has an advanced air cooled motor design for operation in high ambient temperatures.


AMERFROST Electronic Leak Detector

This Leak Detector has state-of-the-art Cold Cathode Diode sensor technology and for use with all CFC/HFC/HCFC refrigerants.


AMERFROST Manifold System

Drew Marine Manifold system is for performing basic pressure checks, leak inspections, and refrigerant refill or recharges.

refrigerant_recovery_cylinder-callout 2.jpg

AMERFROST Recovery Cylinder

Recovery Cylinder may be necessary to have on board to meet current environmental regulations.


AMERFROST Recovery Machine

This refrigerant recovery machine comes with a two cylinder oil-less compressor design and has an improved piston seal design for less leakage and deeper vacuums.

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