Water Treatment Programs: Ballast and Wastewater Treatments

Drew Marine offers a world-class ballast water treatment program backed by superior, consistently-formulated products and onboard technical support that is second to none. Neutralizing agents delivered by Drew Marine ensure our customers have access to a consistent supply of chemicals from an accountable supplier with inventory available in key ports.

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Create Eco-Friendly Operational Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

Behind every Drew Marine program is a suite of world-class support, industry experts, and years of extensive knowledge that aid you in ensuring you have the solutions you need, when you need them. As a leader in the maritime industry, Drew Marine is committed to meeting your water treatment needs and identifying opportunities for your business to reduce maintenance, lessen environmental impact, and reduce overall operating costs. 

Ballast Water Treatment Products

For ballast water treatment systems employing electro-chlorination or direct chlorination, Drew Marine offers OEM specified neutralizers to reduce active chlorine levels prior to ballast water discharge.

  • Disodium Sulfite Anh Gran Powder (sodium sulfite)
    • Available in 22kg or 25kg bags (powder)
  • Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate
    • Available in 22kg or 25kg bags (crystals)
  • Sodium Metabisulfite
    • 25 kg bag (powder)
  • Sodium Bisulfite Liquid
    • Available in 200L or 208L drums
  • Sodium Thiosulfate Liquid
    • Available in 200L or 208L drums

Ballast Water Treatment System Reagents

When chlorine is employed to treat ballast water, online Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) analyzers are often utilized to monitor total chlorine levels in water being treated during ballasting or levels in water during ballast water discharge. Drew Marine’s 12-month reagent kit is stocked in major ports for OEM- specific Online Residual Chlorine Monitors used in Ballast Water Treatment Systems. 


Wastewater Treatment

Drew Marine supplies water treatments to treat operational wastewater, including bilge water flocculants and sewage plant foam control agents. We also supply MUD CONDITIONER for removal and dispersing of mud and silt in ballast water tanks.

Mud and silt buildup in ballast tanks amount to unwanted weight, depriving you of valuable cargo capacity. Mud Conditioner from Drew Marine is specifically designed and tested to condition mud and silt-bearing ballast water preventing dense accumulations in ballast tanks.

Water Treatment Programs


Boiler Water Treatment

Our boiler water treatment programs minimize water-related damage and issues to ensure maximum equipment efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Cooling Water Treatment

Our innovative, effective cooling water treatment products and programs minimize damage and contamination issues from occurring in cooling water systems.

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Fresh Water Treatment

Drew Marine’s treatments and specialty test kits for monitoring water quality keep freshwater production equipment at peak performance and enable production of high-quality feedwater and potable water.

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Water Treatment Testing

A Drew Marine protection program is grounded in marine appropriate chemistry that drives product selections and product combinations used. We offer a portfolio of best-in-class specialty test kits that allow engineers on board to consistently and easily monitor system conditions.

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Water Treatment programs from Drew Marine are supported by a global network of expert service engineers. Our dedicated worldwide support team of experts is here for any questions regarding services, programs or our products. Get in touch with a representative today. 

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