Welding Solutions: Gas Welding, Brazing and Cutting

Drew Marine’s Gas Welding, Brazing, and Cutting equipments are specially designed to meet the highest standards and perform under the most rigorous shipboard conditions. With safety and reliability in mind, our equipment, consumables, and accessories are designed in full compliance with international safety standards. 

Perform Welding Processes with Trusted Marine Welding Products and Gases

For over 30 years, Drew Marine has been solving customers' metal jointing problems by providing the most reliable technology from the world's leading manufacturers. Our welding equipment is customized and designed for the maritime industry, while welding electrodes are approved by class societies such as DNV/GL & ABS. Drew Marine also carries a wide range of compressed gases with 30,000+ compressed gas cylinders supporting our global network of 900+ supply ports.

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About Our Gas Welding, Brazing, and Cutting Processes

Our range of gas welding and brazing rods are specially formulated to meet demanding marine applications. Safety is always a prime consideration — from the nozzle mixing design of our cutting attachment, to the flashback arrestor and backfire valve, which no welder should be without. We offer a wide range of welding accessories to ensure safety and peak performance, even under the toughest conditions of shipboard use.

Products for Gas Welding, Brazing and Cutting Processes


Gas Welding & Cutting Equipment


Gas Welding & Brazing Consumables/Flux


Gas Welding Consumables Cabinet


AMEROX Flashback Arrestor & Backfire Valve


Heavy Duty Oxygen and Acetylene Regulators

Other Welding Solutions

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Electric Arc Welding Processes

Drew Marine’s Electric Arc Welding and Plasma Cutting Machines are specially designed for maritime use. With safety and reliability in mind, our equipment, consumables, and accessories are designed in full compliance with international safety standards.

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Central Gas Installation Systems

Drew Marine’s Central Gas Installation Systems provide a high level of safety as well as flexibility and easy operation. Our systems ensure continuous gas delivery, resulting in more precise parameter adjustment and lower gas costs.

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Refrigerants, Equipment & Span Gases

Drew Marine offers global distribution, refilling, maintenance and cylinder exchange as part of our Compressed Gases and Span Gas program. Our gases are under strict quality control by our authorized gas filler, and all gas cylinders are manufactured according to international standards.

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